Xiaomi 12X vs Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Camera Comparison

Xiaomi 12X vs Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Camera Comparison

Xiaomi 12X vs Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Camera Comparison – In this video I test a wide variety of camera features on both the Xiaomi 12X and S21 FE. Which one do you prefer? It’s close on most things, but there are obvious winners in some categories. This is Xiaomi vs Samsung!

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40 thoughts on “Xiaomi 12X vs Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Camera Comparison

  1. i have been using it since Thursday and approx. After 2 minutes of using the social media (FB, TikTok) it will be lukewarm. Have you experienced this? not comfortable to use :((( (S21FE)

  2. there is no word of android updates on xiaomi.. where s21 promised for 3 major android updates and 5 security patches.
    if difference of price point is huge then its xiaomi.. if not, then s21 fe.. also camera quality of s21 fe is consistent here

  3. 3:52 forwards. Video comparison 1080p 60fps. The S21FE is really bad in terms of stabilization!

    It was however similar to the 12x at 4K and also later on with wide angle.

    Could it be that stabilization was off when filming 1080p 60k?

  4. Xiaomi is very bad at software, i have a lot of xiaomi phones, they are ok for the price, but have lot of bugs… the only reason i like xiaomi is because they have infrared IR. this is the only good thing about that. on the other hand, samsung software has less bugs, much much better camera (xiaomi is also bad here), buthave a lot of blotware….. like xiaomi…… Overall… i think Samsung is better.

  5. Nice video. I think xiaomi has done a good job, but Samsung still has better camera in almost every circumstance. Anyway, I personally prefer xiaomi's sizes. The camera it's decent, even the battery life I guess. Let's see the price. If is under €400, I'll go for that. I would like to know how is the vibrations, and microphones quality, specially the proximity sensor…..is it good? Or it's similar to the old devices?

  6. I am extremely impressed by the low light video of the 12X. Video in daylight are both really good; the only issue with the S21 FE is that video looks somewhat over-sharpened.

  7. Thanks, interesting comparison. The Xiaomi 12x is too expensive in China relative to phones with similar specifications and also too close in price to the Xiaomi 12. It would be decent if the price dropped by at least 500 rmb but otherwise it's quite a bit overpriced. I doubt that they will release it in global markets. Probably just the 12 and 12 pro.

  8. I find that overall the Fe is better.

    But it's paradoxical to realize that the 4k60 video on the Fe is better stabilized than the 4k30 and even the HD30 🤔.

  9. Thanks. Great comparison! I wonder how much battery was consumed by both smartphones during this comparison. For me it is critical – a good battery and a very good camera.

  10. Well I do like the Xiaomi12x. Unfortunately I wouldn't purchase it,. Reason being not sure of what guaranties for software and updates would you get 2 or 3 years. At least with Samsung galaxy they do guaranty software firmware and android update for at least 2yrs or more.

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