Unveiling Xiaomi Pad 5 | #Mi-SteryBOX

Unveiling Xiaomi Pad 5 | #Mi-SteryBOX

Our friend @Tech4All is enjoying the new #XiaomiPad5 sent to him in a #Mi-SteryBOX! Find out what he has to say about this device that allows him to #PlayHardWorkSmart.

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30 thoughts on “Unveiling Xiaomi Pad 5 | #Mi-SteryBOX

  1. Hey Xiaomi international Private limited, I'm challenging u if u have dare accept my challenge
    We want more gaming features in game turbo
    If u have dare accept my challenge👍💪

  2. Can this hit the Kenyan market? The camera, the design… a girl is in love. You are swaying me from Samsung, please bring this to Kenya.❤❤❤

    Maybe with an 8" version 😀❤❤

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