Lesson 02: Pre-Production For a Mobile Film | Sundance Collab x Xiaomi Studios

Lesson 02: Pre-Production For a Mobile Film | Sundance Collab x Xiaomi Studios

The 2nd lesson of the #SundanceCollab mobile filmmaking course featuring our talented Thai #XiaomiCreator Gemi is here! In this lesson, she will show you how to do pre-production for your very own mobile film!

Let us know what mobile filmmaking means to you in the comments below. We will pick one person to receive a #Xiaomi11TPro!

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20 thoughts on “Lesson 02: Pre-Production For a Mobile Film | Sundance Collab x Xiaomi Studios

  1. For me, Mobile Filmmaking means "easing the burden" of those who are about to start creating films particularly in carrying those quite heavy and bulky filming equipments. We all know that SLR cameras are quiet heavy, and using it also needs a lot more equipments like handles or even stabilisers plus you also need to attach lenses plus microphones plus lighting attachments plus the controllers… Sounds heavy and bulky right? Just the way it's being said is so heavy already. You also need to consider that these equipments can't be inserted into your pocket so you need to carry a bag everywhere. This is how Mobile Filmmaking excels. With Mobile Filmmaking, a smartphone in your pocket, a single tripod for easy handling, and your filmmaking spirit is all you need to create memorable films. Overall, Mobile Filmmaking is simply making our lives easier in creating outstanding films.

  2. Yeah, mobile film making, first had to have a mobile xD. Still using the elder sibling's mobile sucks. He deletes everything I click. Sneaking and stealing the mobile is already a great mission everyday🤣.

  3. It's having the ability to be creative with resources other than the use of traditional filming equipments.
    it is the freedom to choose when to shoot what, at what time and at which place, it's tap to focus, easy to switch options and minimal in size are what makes it look so easy.
    It gives more room for reshooting and recreation, It reduces the pressure of expectations when filming and opens you up to ideas.
    I love the flexibility of handling a mobile device compared to the common digital cameras which can't fit in all spaces and not to forget the picture quality at times.
    Like Glee said, it has limits, but It's overall performance has paid off.

  4. For me, mobile filmmaking means the opportunity to shoot a scene wherever I am, whenever I want. Of course there are some capabilities that restrict me from shooting something instantly, but when I see a really interesting scene, I can use my phone to see how that scene might actually go on set. Who knows? Maybe it'll look better the first time ✨

  5. To me, Mobile filmmaking is having the opportunity to create and share my story with my pocket friendly and cost efficient smartphone as smartphones has revolutionised the Creative process.
    It gives freedom as smartphones comes with multiple cameras making it easy and seamless to switch camera types without having to carry bulky professional lenses around while capturing interesting moments.
    Smartphones are not just smartphones but a part of our daily driver and creative tool that shouldn't be underrated but rather generally accepted as it's a great innovative tool that many has access to in capturing, filming, processing and sharing their story on the go

  6. Filming mobile means to shape new worlds taking advance of this tech with less spend of money, planning new scenarios and storytelling to attract our audience and provide powerfull messages or pure beauty, visual charm, and expanding creativity.

  7. For us, mobile filming means freedom. We can film anytime, anywhere and anyway. The most beautiful memories were filmed with the smartphone while the video camera was in the car or at home.

  8. Sir,
    "Mi Not 10 T 5G " Overall good, but biggest problem gaming time incoming call. Thish Fetcher big down great. That time game is background and incoming call front totally opening home page. Plz request thish problem fixed a new update. Beau's it's problem bad gaming experience.
    Thank you

  9. For me, Mobile Filmmaking is now very useful when it comes to making a videos or a films because people nowadays always bring their phones wherever they go and that's a huge leap to be able to capture some moments you want to share without using any expensive and bulky traditional cameras. Using your mobile to make a film is so easy by using your camera app and clicking the record icon or the pro mode if you have one in the settings and it is also easy to carry or put in your pocket all the time unlike traditional cameras. Many mobile filmmakers use their mobile phones to create films like music videos or for vloggings to create a contents.
    Being creative is the key to tell your stories and bring your ideas to life ♥😍
    #SundanceCollab #XiaomiCreator

  10. Mobile filmmaking is an exciting and flexible way to tell a story without struggling with bringing with you heavy equipment. All you need is your phone in your pocket, a good story and your creativity. In few words, mobile filmmaking means reaching stunning results while shooting with the advantage of having lighter equipment and the opportunity to shoot at the moment to capture a moment that simply happens at a given time and you have no time to prepare everything: you just shoot and that's it.

  11. Mobile Film Making means to me as the new digital Movie camera because of how mobile phones Innovates so much faster than we are expecting. It overlapse the definition of "Video Shooting" making it simple to cover everything from Shooting Motions/Actions/Pictures/ and the best part is the editing. Making it all accessable in one single Powerful Phone. Although traditionally films and short videos have always been made using high-quality DSLR or other professional grade cameras, the smartphone industry has revolutionized this creative process. Because the camera lenses in our smartphones are so advanced, you can produce quality videos without the need for expensive equipment. Over the last months, filming on an Xiaomi11TPro has become increasingly popular as the quality has been refined. Filming from your smartphone is also particularly appealing to many creators because it is so much easier to quick share footage directly to social media pages like FB, Twitter and Instagram. Publications, endorsements, Advertisements especially on YouTube Platform. This would be a Great opportunity for us Photographers to Open up a new doorways to a more successful Film making and Photo shooting in our industry.

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