Lesson 01: Introduction to Mobile Filmmaking | Sundance Collab x Xiaomi Studios

Lesson 01: Introduction to Mobile Filmmaking | Sundance Collab x Xiaomi Studios

Class is in session!

The first lesson is an introduction to mobile filmmaking hosted by Steven Senshan of #XiaomiStudios featuring the #XiaomiCreators.

Let us know what mobile filmmaking means to you in the comments below. We will pick one winner to receive a #Xiaomi11TPro!

#CreativityForEveryone #Cinemagic #Xiaomi11TPro

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22 thoughts on “Lesson 01: Introduction to Mobile Filmmaking | Sundance Collab x Xiaomi Studios

  1. I already finished this course and it was so informative. Since mobile filmmaking is new for me I enjoyed reading every every lesson. I got a lot of ideas which will help me to start doing filmmaking by just using a mobile phone. Every lesson has a important factors that can improve my skills. I also learned necessary things from different xiaomi creators. Each one of them shared their expertise in the field and provided tips and tricks for better film making. The host has clearly expounded every little thing that are so much important element for achieving better results. The part that I like the most is they discuss filmmaking gears that are useful for shooting different scenarios so as an effect on me, immediately, I searched some of these gears in online store and planned to order.. I also love all the shooting techniques they have shared.
    A mobile filmmaking has various advantages than those traditional filming. By just using pro mode you can easily take shots, no need more time to setup. A smartphone is also very light that you can hold it and shoot in any angle you want.
    I think mobile filmmaking is the future films.Actually you will never notice that the film is shot using a mobile until someone tells you it is.

    Thank you xiaomi and Sundance collab for giving this opportunity to take this course for free

  2. What mobile filmmaking means for me is: an exciting and innovative way to express my ideas with the flexibility and ease of use of a smartphone. I can simply go to the place I want to shoot and do it without the difficulties of bringing heavy equipment or the necessity of transporting all the pro gear with other people. Basically, mobile filmmaking means bringing your accessories and camera inside your back pack and make a good production by yourself or by a small crew. Personally, mobile filmmaking excites and inspires me a lot! And the simple fact of watching every video from Xiaomi creators, generates an increasing joy and willingness to go out and create. I know I have to learn more and more. And I appreciate so much your efforts of pushing this trend to almost everyone.

    Thank you, Xiaomi!

  3. Owing a Xiaomi phone and learning this is a beautiful opportunity to fulfill one of my dreams of making films and video contents on the go. No carrying about of heavy cameras or film equipment, just my phone in my pocket and I'm making Magic.

  4. Every little human becomes a director!
    Its awesome to have a portable all in one device in your pocket with limitless possibilities to express your creativity. To tell your own story,on your OWN way.
    Still images can't tell enough. So Let me tell you a story! A full picture!
    I'll show you place and time,I'll let you hear the rain drops,heart beating,laughs from the streets… I'll show you how we dance,how we cry. You can see the wind playing with our hairs.
    Why freezing just one single moment when you can see the whole adventure,a full experience…on my,unique way.
    Let's shoot!

  5. For me, Mobile Filmmaking is now very useful when it comes to making a video or a film because people nowadays always bring their phones wherever they go and that's a huge leap to be able to capture some moments you want to share without using any expensive and bulky traditional cameras. Using your mobile to make a film is so easy by using your camera app and clicking the record icon or the pro mode if you have one in the settings and it is also very small to carry around all the time unlike traditional cameras. Many mobile filmmakers use their mobile phones to create films like music videos or for vloggings to create a contents.
    Being creative is the key to tell your stories and bring your ideas to life ♥?
    #XiaomiStudios #XiaomiCreators

  6. First and foremost, I just wanna say thank you Xiaomi for this informative course. I can't believe you are giving this to us for free. It would cost a lot of money to enroll a similar course in other online education platforms. I learned many things with this lesson alone and it is only the first one. I will be watching out for the rest of the lessons for sure. I am relatively new to mobile filmmaking. I tried doing it during my travels but I guess my phone isn't as powerful as the Xiaomi Mi 11 series and I don't have a vast knowledge on mobile filmmaking so the output wasn't really that nice. Mobile filmmaking to me means capturing my travel memories in a cinematic way that will allow me to encapsulate those memories virtually so I can access them anytime during my lifetime and relive those moments again. If I will be able to develop my skill through this course, I am also hoping to share my films to everyone by putting up a Youtube channel. Again, thanks Xiaomi and see you on the next lesson.

  7. Exciting. I can relate with my goal and the goal of Xiaomi. Am happy with the initiative. As of the moment, I seldom use the parameters of my xiaomi phone. I would like to know also how to do video editing. I am not sure if xiaomi has an app like that similar to kinemaster, powerdirector etc….

  8. First they gave low cost high end phones and now they are providing free filmmaking course and even feature short films in their own channel… вњЊпёЏ Mi fan

  9. let me know how am I going to free up my phone's memory. I'm using 50 GB of my phone, but the part called "other" uses 72 GB note translation application has been used, there may be an error in the translation

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